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Dance CPD programme- Eversley School Enfield

With a beautiful bright space to work in, both the pupils and teachers at Eversley made a brilliant start to our dance sessions together. Year 3 worked with their class topic EGYPT and used their bodies to spell out the tricky combination of letters – big and small, high and low, stretching and balancing, mirroring and working in pairs. We also created travelling triangles using different body parts across the hall thinking about pyramid shapes linked by turns and balances.
For Year 5 it was a movement exploration of FORCES – pushing and pulling, floating and sinking, bouncing and falling with different actions, levels, jumps and rolls. The children had fabulous energy and played with a range of movement qualities thorough tension, lightness and control of their weight. Can’t wait to build on their skills and engagement.
Writen by Cheryl McChesney Dance Trainer